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Meet Our Yoga Instructors

Lauren Fox


Hello Yogis! My name is Lauren Fox E-RYT 200 and I am a Naples, FL Native and the Director of Donation Yoga Naples. In 2007, during my freshman year of college, I took my first 90-minute yoga class and fell in love with both the physical and mental aspects of the asana yoga practice almost immediately. Prior to trying yoga I was a competitive dancer and found joy in expressing myself to the combination of movement and music. I found happiness and freedom in the yoga classes that I took because I found mental peace and clarity through movement with breath and music. This was similar to dance, but I could also work on letting go of ego, competitive nature, and self-judgment during the process.


After practicing different yoga styles with different teachers for 6 years I decided to become a teacher myself because I wanted to help others find the physical and mental happiness that I felt. During the training, I was told by my teacher that it was pretty much impossible to make a living as a yoga instructor, but after completing my 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training in 2012, I was determined to teach yoga full-time because it made me so happy. I started teaching at various studios and gyms and I saw just how costly classes were for the Naples community. I always wondered, "Could I afford these classes if I was not a teacher here?" I would ask my friends to come to my class or to join me for a class and constantly was told, "I can't afford to do yoga right now." 


Today my teaching intention is to still bring mental and physical joy to every student that I teach, but also to see peace signs over dollar signs. This led me to create Donation Yoga Naples which gives students the freedom to pay what they can afford for their practice but also gives us the opportunity to donate half of all proceeds to local non-profits. I feel so passionate about giving all students the chance to practice their asana and karma yoga together!  I create a different intention behind every class that I teach, create new music playlists that match the theme, and give hands-on adjustments/massage to every student on both sides, left and right! I always am still the first to admit, "I don't know what I don't know," but I do know that teaching yoga is a career that brings me joy and that everyone deserves the opportunity to practice yoga! 


Lokah Samastah, Namaste ॐ

Megan Dalziel


Hi, my name is Megan Dalziel, RYT 200. I have had an interest in practicing yoga most of my life, but I became inspired to begin teaching it when I shifted from a career in education to one in healthcare. As a union of the body, mind, and spirit, yoga serves as a bridge that connects my three prior degrees in philosophy, communication, and education with my focus on healing. Yoga allows me to utilize several of my different passions while enriching my life in countless ways, and I hope to share these benefits with Donation Yoga Naples students. One of the rare Naples natives, I am honored to be a part of the DYN community and the spirit of gratitude, generosity, health, and mindfulness that DYN embodies and cultivates with many residents and visitors.

When I am not working at the hospital or practicing yoga, I am usually chasing after my five children. In my spare time, I also love reading, art, camping, spending time on the ocean (especially in my kayak), aerial silks, and hunting for fossils with my family along the Peace River. One of my great joys in life is being outdoors and immersing myself in the divine beauty of nature, and DYN is a wonderful opportunity to do just that in conjunction with your yoga practice. 

My life has been beautifully touched through yoga and meditation, specifically through Lauren and DYN classes. I hope for the opportunity to meet many more people through yoga, and wish to share with them the clarity, peace, mindfulness, wellbeing, and authenticity that yoga has been a source of for thousands of years. 

Brett Dalziel


Brett attended his first class on his birthday in March of 2021 and was instantly enthralled with the experience. As a registered nurse he was drawn to the impact yoga has on health and wellness and quickly began his yoga journey. Throughout the year he attended more classes, pursuing and receiving is certification as a yoga instructor in December. The way that yoga strengthens both spiritual and physical components of its students is what Brett hopes to help others discover. 

Donation Yoga Naples
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