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Where Are We Donating? 


Working to reduce excess nutrients in our waterways that feed red tide, and other harmful algal blooms.


START is fortunate to have a Board of Directors with years of experience and unique skills in corporate management, marketing, financial services, water ecology, Master Gardening, bivalve restoration, and red tide research.


START is a 501(c)3 non-profit grassroots organization founded in 1996 on Longboat Key by retired General Jim Patterson and a few other concerned citizens in response to a devastating ten-month-long red tide bloom that ravaged a wide area along the West Coast of Florida. START’s name is an outgrowth of this trying experience and is derived from the phrase “Solutions To Avoid Red Tide”. Ever since then, START has been at the forefront of securing funding to reduce excess nutrients in our coastal waters and increase public awareness about the importance of preserving our marine environment.

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