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To restore and protect aquatic ecosystems for the use and enjoyment of all.

Insights on Red Tide:

As industrialized agriculture expanded, led by the sugar industry, the damage being done by water mismanagement practices in Florida became apparent. Phosphate-laden farm runoff polluted Lake Okeechobee and, with nowhere else to go, was shunted into the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie waterways, fueling massive blooms of toxic blue-green algae.

Additionally, the lack of freshwater flowing through the Everglades threatens the drinking water supply for millions of Floridians and has caused a radical decline in the native wildlife population, as well as massive seagrass die-offs, and algae blooms and fish kills in Florida Bay due to hypersalinity.

In 2016, in response to this environmental emergency, a small group of fishing guides decided to stand up against the political and economic forces that were putting whole sections of life in Florida at risk. And this is where Captains For Clean Water was born.


Growing a groundswell of like-minded supporters, this band of anglers, outdoor enthusiasts, business folks, and conservationists work to educate the public and put pressure on our state and federal representatives to take action on initiatives that will protect and restore the Everglades and Florida’s waters.

In 2000, Congress passed the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), outlining the steps to a cleaner future. However, CERP has suffered from a lack of funding and political support since then.

Thanks to the efforts of Captains For Clean Water, other conservation organizations, private businesses, and concerned citizens, there is renewed energy behind funding programs to build the infrastructure needed to clean and send the water south to the Everglades once again. You’re invited to join the fight and help protect our way of life for future generations.

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