Where Are We Donating? 

Our Mission

Is to empower youth to develop character, social awareness, and leadership qualities. Using a combination of project-based mentoring, animal interactions and research-based programming, we equip youth to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, find their purpose and strive to be successful members of their community.

Our Vision

Is to empower and restore lives by providing a safe environment, which equips individuals with the tools and resources needed to overcome trauma and break the cycles of adversity. Studies show that speaking in one-on-one or even group therapy session is not the most effective form of expression. Animal-based, activity-based and mindful cognitive restorative interactions not only allow individuals to be uninhibited in their communications, but it naturally enhances the brain's ability to produce healing chemicals as well. The Mustard Seed Ranch of Florida will provide individuals the opportunity to learn the basics of what is needed to maintain a self-sufficient farm and ranch, as well as grooming, bonding with and having responsibilities over animals. This interaction helps to provide them with a general sense of well-being while improving their self-esteem and self-confidence. These consistent interactions will develop trust, respect, responsibility, perseverance, and love towards the animals. This promotes a shift toward a more positive attitude, which improves family and social integration.

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"Lauren makes all her classes fun, uplifting, and rejuvenating! Such a pleasure to be taught by her."

Danielle M.

Naples, FL

"It doesn't get much better than yoga with Lauren. From her soothing voice, to the descriptive flow of her practice, her classes are amazing. She will go around and make small adjustments to the individual's poses so you'll really get the most from the practice."

Sylvia K.

Naples, FL

"Great teacher, great class, great environment... and all for a great cause!"

James M.

Naples, FL

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